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Helping Companies Find Their Way

Project Experience

Grid Interconnection

Co-Generation Facility.   LMG has acted as the Project Manager and electrical grid interconnection application consultant for the FDS Co-Generation Facility. FDS is a 135 MegaWatt co-generation power plant that uses steam produced by waste heat from an adjacent non-recovery coke plant to generate electricity. The facility is located within the Midwest Interconnection Systems Organization (MISO) Planning Agency interconnection area. As Project Manager, we have overseen the identification and preliminary design specifications for the interconnection equipment. In addition, we have worked with local governmental entities in the designation of a interconnection plan including transmission line routing.

 As the MISO Interconnection application consultant, LMG compiled the inital MISO application package. We have also acted as the MISO technical and project planning contact. As such, LMG has coordinated planning and execution with MISO of the Feasibility Study and System Impacts Study. We have also prepared responses to MISO initial application questions and requests for additional information and represented FDS in communications with MISO staff.

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