Helping Companies Find Their Way

Helping Companies Find Their Way

Waste Management
RCRA Closure

Sign Manufacturing & Installation Company. LMG provided oversight, investigation, design, and project management for the successful completion of an Ohio EPA Consent Order associated with the closure of an unpermitted hazardous waste management unit at a sign manufacturing and installation company. Project activities included preparation of a Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP), Remedial Action Plan (RAP), and management/oversight of the final closure remediation activities. LMG closure tasks included design of a cost-effective soil removal work plan that was approved by Ohio EPA, contractor oversight, final inspection and sampling of the area, and preparation of the final closure report.

RCRA Enforcement Assistance

Metal Products and Resin Manufacturing. LMG has provided expert regulatory compliance assistance and project management for the successful completion of an Ohio EPA Consent Orders and resolution of Notice of Violation (NOV) letters associated with hazardous waste management at metal products, plating, medical device manufacturing, and resin manufacturing facilities in Ohio.

Waste Generator Assistance

Confidential Metal Parts Manufacturing Plant. LMG developed the technical design, acted as general contractor, and provided P.E. certification/oversight for the installation of a hazardous waste 90-day accumulation tank system for liquid acid wastes. The tank system was designed with multiple tanks to allow for potential segregation of acid waste streams for future recycling or resale. Installation of the AST system was completed in less than 2 weeks and the entire project was conducted in approximately 60 days.


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