Helping Companies Find Their Way

Helping Companies Find Their Way

Contaminated Site
Remedial Costing

Specialty Chemicals Manufacturing Plant. LMG was retained by the current owner of a specialty chemicals manufacturing plant to develop remedial cost estimates for soil and groundwater contamination issues undergoing agency oversight at the plant. In developing the remedial cost estimates, we reviewed historical information and investigation data to evaluate the probability that contamination at specific areas of concern (AOCs) were related to releases by the current owner's operations. LMG then evaluated existing investigation and remediation cost information, identified alternative remedial options that could be more cost-effective, and developed independent costing information for comparison purposes.

Brownfield Redevelopment

Closed Window Manufacturing Plant. Project Manager and principal environmental consultant for a closed former window manufacturing plant that was sucessfully redeveloped into a trucking distribution facility. The plant had operated more than 50 years with onsite metal anodizing, extruding, machining, coating, and various assemby operations. As part of the Ohio VAP actions, LMG conducted a comprehesive Ohio VAP Phase I ESA and identified more a dozen Areas of Concern (AOCs). We then conducted a comprehensive soil and groundwater investigation at the plant.

Site Remediation

Closed Industrial Site. LMG conducted the insitu chemcial oxidation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) consisting of primarily xylenes that contaminated soil and shallow groundwater at a closed industrial site. We conducted these remediation activities as part of a Ohio Voluntary Action Program (VAP) No Further Action (NFA) letter. The soil and groundwater contamination was present in a limited area approximately 100 feet by 20 feet in size. However, the highest VOC concentrations in the soil were in the groundwater smear zone approximately 10 to 12 feet below ground. In addition, VOC concentrations in the shallow groundwater exceeded 200,000 ug/L at selected monitoring wells. Based on this information and the owners requested short remediation timeframe, LMG selected insitu chemical oxidation using injected hydrogen peroxide as the remedial approach. 


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