Helping Companies Find Their Way

Helping Companies Find Their Way

Compliance Assurance
Environmental Auditing

Glass Manufacturing Company. LMG conducts annual comprehensive environmental, health, and safety (EHS) audits of the North American operations of a Fortune 500 glass manufacturing company. The EHS audits are conducted as part of corporate legal risk management procedures and involve coordination and follow-up with individual plants, corporate EHS staff, company general counsel, and outside counsel. 

Environmental Compliance Assistance

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics Manufacturing. For eight years LMG has provided ongoing environmental compliance reporting assistance for two fiberglass reinforced plastics operations located in Ohio. The assistance includes advising and managing all aspects of the facility environmental reporting activities including preparation of required air emission, SARA, and hazardous waste reports. In addition, we have prepared facility environmental plans and procedures including the SWPP plans, waste management procedures, RCRA contingency plan, and employee training procedure.


ECAP/Onsite Support

Reinforced Plastic Composites. LMG provides ongoing comprehensive Environmental Compliance Assurance Program (ECAP)© services for a regional reinforced composite plastics with two NE Ohio plants. Plants are classified as Major Sources for air emissions and large quantity generators. Annual compliance activities have included preparation of air emission, SARA, and hazardous waste reports and facility-wide recordkeeping activities. We also monitor permit compliance and conduct weekly compliance inspections. In addition, LMG provides strategic environmental information to Vice President and Environmental Director to assist in long-term planning, asset management, and cost reduction opportunities.


Onsite Support

Fortune 100 Consumer Products. LMG is providing onsite environmental staffing resources to a Fortune 100 consumer products manufacturing plant located in NE Ohio. Our staff conduct required environmental management activities and the preparation of air emission, SARA, and hazardous waste reports. 


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