Helping Companies Find Their Way

Helping Companies Find Their Way

Air Quality
APC Evaluations

Iron & Steel Plant. LMG prepared the technical response to air pollution control vendor, on behalf of a confidential Iron & Steel Plant, regarding warranty issues for a NOx oxidation system. Vendor technology did not meet warranted specifications regarding level of control and data interface with existing facility computer database. During the project we worked directly with vendor to obtain needed continuous emission monitoring equipment, level of APC turn-down sensitivity required, and computer interface compatibility to ensure ongoing compliance with permit terms and system optimization.

Air Compliance Assistance

Ohio Industrial Manufacturing Plant. LMG provided Clean Air Act (CAA) regulatory compliance assistance and technical advice during negotiations for the successful resolution without penalty of a USEPA Region V Notice of Violation (NOV) for a Title V industrial manufacturing plant in Ohio. As part of these activities, we worked with outside counsel to advise senior management on specific technical issues and resulting operation changes associated with strategies for NOV resolution.

Air Dispersion Modeling

Reinforced Plastic Composites Plant. LMG used Aeromod complex and simple terrain modeling to determine off-site odor impacts from a reinforced plastic composites manufacturing plant. As part of this project we meet with senior Ohio EPA agency personnel to negotiate corrective actions for ongoing exceedances of PTO emission limits. Using facility-specific emission factor inputs and operational designs, we determined alternative air pollution control options that allowed the plant to keep off-site odor impact concentrations below odor threshold levels and discontinue use of carbon-absorption odor control systems which were required by a previous compliance directive. This allowed the facility to save an estimated $40,000 in O&M costs.

Air Permitting

Non-Recovery Coking Plant. LMG has led all Major Source PSD permitting efforts for the 1.44 million ton per year FDS Coke Plant proposed for Toledo, Ohio. The permitting efforts have included obtaining the initial final PSD permit to install (PTI) within 120 days and two subsequent PTI modification applications. We have also provided extensive technical information to Ohio EPA characterizing all coke plant process operations, estimating air pollutant emissions from more than 50 different sources, conducting air dispersion modeling, and determining Ohio BAT/BACT compliance.


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