Helping Companies Find Their Way

Helping Companies Find Their Way

Remedial Costing

Specialty Chemicals Manufacturing Plant. LMG was retained by the current owner of a specialty chemicals manufacturing plant to develop remedial cost estimates for soil and groundwater contamination issues undergoing agency oversight at the plant. In developing the remedial cost estimates, we reviewed historical information and investigation data to evaluate the probability that contamination at specific areas of concern (AOCs) were related to releases by the current owner's operations. LMG then evaluated existing investigation and remediation cost information, identified alternative remedial options that could be more cost-effective, and developed independent costing information for comparison purposes.

This information was then modeled in reasonable and conservative future costing scenarios. The modeling of the costing scenarios incorporated the probability results and investigation/remediation costs in an excel-based remedial costing analysis that also used statistical processes and the net present value (NPV) of money. The results of the remedial costing efforts were used for public company SEC reporting and by attorneys to defend the company from legal actions for additional reimbursement for environmental cleanup actions taken at the plant by the historical owners/operators. 


Vacant Metal Products Plant. LMG conducted a third-party evaluation of remedial costing for a former metal parts manufacturing plant with a historical anodizing line. The existing remedial costing was based on traditional demolition and excavation of the anodizing line and surrounding soil. LMG's evaluation identified use of risk-based RCRA closure as a viable option for closure. The risk-based closure was estimated to provide expected savings of greater than $300,000 compared to prior engineering estimates. The client is currently working with Ohio EPA to complete the risk-based closure.

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