Helping Companies Find Their Way

Helping Companies Find Their Way

Safety and Health Audits

Confidential Plastic Company. As part of an OSHA settlement agreement, LMG performed one year of monthly safety compliance inspections of a plastics company. The safety inspections were comprehensive but specifically focused on LOTO, and machine guarding requirements. Monthly safety inspection reports were submitted to the President of the Company to provide to OSHA. The reports document facility operations at the time of the inspections with respect to OSHA safety program requirements. In addition a more detailed inspection report was provided to the company under attorney client privilege.


Confidential Consumer Products Manufacturer. LMG conducted a comprehensive OSHA compliance assessment of a consumer products distribution operation in preparation for an acquisition due diligence. Based on the results of the assessment, LMG updated the distributor's safety manual including providing an organizational framework for the company to build an employee safety team that management had formed during the acquisition discussions.


Confidential Consumer Pesticide Manufacture. LMG performed a comprehensive S&H audit of a pesticide manufacturing plant which had been improving their OSHA compliance implementation over several years and wanted an independent assessment.  Performance of the audit included a multi-day field inspection of the plant with daily briefings of plant management and performance of an audit close-out meeting with plant management and corporate S&H staff. Every major OSHA program was evaluated including but not limited to Process System Safety, Fire Protection, Confined Space, Electrical Safety, Machine Guarding, Laboratory Safety, Radiation, Chemical Storage, Worker Exposure, and Recordkeeping


Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). LMG performed S&H inspections including monitoring for non-ionizing and ionizing radiation exposures at 18 radar and control tower sites. The overall purpose of inspection was to provide an independent, professional opinion regarding recognized deficient safety and health conditions.


Metro Regional Transit Authority (Akron, Ohio). LMG conducted a comprehensive Energy Source assessment including detailed field inspections for the Metro Regional Transit Authority (MRTA) operational buildings located in Akron, Ohio. Based on the assessment results, LMG wrote the Lockout/ Tagout (LO/TO) Program at MRTA's bus maintenance facility. We also provided a detailed inventory of all energy sources and wrote specific additional safety procedures where needed.


Integrated Specialty Steel Plant. LMG conducted comprehensive EHS reviews of integrated specialty steel manufacturing operations in Ohio and Pennsylvania. These operations include the use of large natural gas furnaces, steel casting, pickling, and finishing.  In addition, one site had a captive onsite railroad and wastewater treatment plant. The results of the S&H reviews were used by senior management to identify safety compliance and risk management issues.


Ceramics Manufacturer. LMG provided comprehensive S&H compliance assurance services to an Ohio-based manufacturer of ceramic components for electronic parts. This assistance included conducting an initial S&H compliance evaluation and management systems gap analysis. Based on the results of these activities, LMG developed an action plan for the facility and provided task-specific support for implementation of the plan. This support included updating safety programs and procedures for lock-out tag-out; provision of personal protective equipment; and conducting S&H training of personnel.

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