Helping Companies Find Their Way

Helping Companies Find Their Way

Exposure Monitoring

Not-for-Profit Construction Research Center.  LMG provided ongoing field testing for construction worker exposures to emerging issues such as hexavalent chromium and manganese in the welding trades and isocyanates in the roofing trade. The purpose of these studies is to characterize representative exposures and in some cases the effectiveness of engineering controls to reduce exposures, and then make recommendations for the implementation of engineering, personal protective equipment, and work practice controls.


National Commercial Property Manager. After a year of employee complaints, LMG was retained to evaluate the state of IAQ in the basement. The property management firm had moved 39 of its own people into renovated leased office space in the basement of it's parent's property. The owner did not believe there were any concerns about IAQ in the building. LMG was able to provide solutions that worked for all parties. All eleven recommendations were adopted.


PVC Pipe Manufacturing Operation. LMG evaluated indoor air quality parameters and chemical exposures at a PVC pipe manufacturing operation where there had been union complaints about respiratory problems and skin irritation. Based on the exposure monitoring and our onsite observations, we were able to address the union concerns and recommend improvements in better utilizing and upgrading the plant's many ventilations systems.


Wire Reel Manufacturing Operation. LMG conducted a comprehensive employee exposure assessment at a captive wire reel manufacturing operation that was being considered for outsourcing. The assessment included an evaluation of worker exposures to metal welding fumes and the existing exposure controls and ventilation systems. Based on the assessment, LMG identified several worker welding fume exposure control alternatives that supported keeping the operation captive instead of outsourced.


Industrial Equipment Manufacturer. An industrial equipment manufacturer had grown rapidly over the last few years; in part causing dust and noise to carry between different departments in a crowded work spaces. To resolve this issue, LMG was retained to conduct an occupational health evaluation of the local exhaust ventilation systems and the noise contribution of different activities. Based on this evaluation, LMG provided workable recommendations that were successfully implemented by the manufacturer.

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