Helping Companies Find Their Way

Helping Companies Find Their Way

Hazard Communication

Hazard communication can be a key risk management tool for companies in almost every industry sector. Every employer must inform their employees about the hazardous chemicals in their workplace, the associated health and safety hazards, and the appropriate protective measures to be used when working with these chemicals. Every supplier must provide accurate and complete hazard information to their customers. Within the US, OSHA, the Department of Transportation, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the USEPA all have different statutory mandates and approaches to hazard communication.

We have the experience to help companies through the sometimes complex maze of hazard communication requirements and requests. In this way, companies can ensure that employees and customers are getting accurate and appropriate information in a manner that complies with applicable requirements while minimizing company risks.

Our hazard communication services include:

  • Preparation of properly formatted and branded MSDSs and Labels
  • Increased durability and flexibility of MSDS technical information
  • Reduced in-house resources for MSDS maintenance
  • Increased in-house application of MSDS information
  • Preparation for  the Global Harmonization Standard
  • Assistance with Trade Secret Applications
  • Preparation of country specific MSDSs and Labels
  • Assistance in reporting under the Chemical Weapons Conventions


Our staff have extensive experience in the development and implementation of hazard communication programs, including both US and international MSDS and label requirements, MSDS authoring, management recommendations, systems implementation, and worker training. We can also help your company improve your management of MSDSs and labels with a system which is durable in controlling costs, flexible in functionality and application, and assured in customer quality.

If trade secret compositions are important, we can assist in developing MSDSs and labels which will protect your confidential business information, while complying with international and US hazard communication regulations including the preparation of  âup front substantiations of trade secret claims. LMG staff include professionals of the Society for Chemical Hazard Communications. 

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