Helping Companies Find Their Way

Helping Companies Find Their Way

Water/Wastewater Compliance

Metal Casting Operation. LMG provides ongoing regulatory compliance assistance for a metal casting operation in Ohio with both NPDES and POTW-permitted wastewater discharges. As part of these activities, we have negotiated to use laboratory results of split samples collected quarterly by the POTW authority resulting in an annual cost saving of $10,000. LMG also has prepared annual wastewater surveys and an NPDES permit renewal application for the casting operation.


Reinforced Plastic Composite Products Manufacturing. LMG provides ongoing NPDES permit storm water monitoring and reporting services for two reinforced plastic composite product manufacturing operations in Ohio. These services include monthly storm water sampling, completion of electronic DMRs, annual storm water inspections, and employee training.


Electro-Ceramic Manufacturing. LMG Developed a Total Toxic Organic (TTO) plan and SWPP plan for an Ohio electro-ceramic manufacturing operation with goal of obtaining No-Exposure Certification within 1 year


Metal Casting Operation. LMG Resolved NPDES oil & grease discharge issues at metal casting operation to eliminate non-compliance and obtain lower cost general NPDES permit coverage


Aluminum Extruding Company. LMG provided wastewater treatment consulting services for a major aluminum extruding company in Ohio. The project consisted of a technical, economic and regulatory evaluation of treatment methodologies for an existing caustic stripping line. The current configuration resulted in the generation of a hazardous waste stream (caustic). The final recommendation was a caustic recovery system that eliminated the hazardous waste stream, reduced caustic usage and scrubber water usage by >75%, and resulted in a non-hazardous filter cake.

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