Helping Companies Find Their Way

Helping Companies Find Their Way

Waste Generator Assistance

Confidential Metal Parts Manufacturing Plant. LMG developed the technical design, acted as general contractor, and provided P.E. certification/oversight for the installation of a hazardous waste 90-day accumulation tank system for liquid acid wastes. The tank system was designed with multiple tanks to allow for potential segregation of acid waste streams for future recycling or resale. Installation of the AST system was completed in less than 2 weeks and the entire project was conducted in approximately 60 days.


Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics Operations. LMG is providing ongoing hazardous waste management assistance for two fiberglass reinforced plastics operations located in Ohio. The assistance includes managing all aspects of the facility solid, universal, and hazardous waste generation and onsite accumulation. These management activities include conducting required weekly inspections, tracking required follow-up actions, training personnel, and performing required internal recordkeeping.


Metal Casting, Medical Parts, and Plastics Manufacturing. For the past six years, LMG has prepared annual hazardous waste reports for metal casting, medical parts, and plastics manufacturing operations in Ohio. In 2004, these reporting activities were conducted electronically. In preparing the reports, LMG works directly with facility personnel to collect and validate data reported in the reports. This data is also typically reported to senior management in a summary format for cost tracking purposes.


Integrated Steel Plant. LMG prepared a Source Reduction Strategy (SRS) program required for submittal for an integrated steel manufacturer in Pennsylvania. As part of this project, we conducted a comprehensive review of more than 25 processes generating residual wastes to identify specific methods and procedures currently used or historically evaluated to reduce the generation or toxicity of the residual wastes. LMG then investigated potential additional source reduction opportunities that could be applied to the processes in the future. Finally, we assisted the client in the development of policies and procedures to encourage and reward source reduction and pollution prevention at the facility.


Metal-Related Manufacturing Plants. LMG has provided required annual hazardous waste generator training to employees at a specialty steel facility, piezoelectric ceramics manufacturer, aluminum extruder, and steel coating operation. The training sessions include plant-specific information and materials to ensure personnel are instructed on company procedures and policies not just regulatory requirements.

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